We are a team of highly trained professionals from various backgrounds and we bring a combined expertise of more than 50 years in the service areas we serve.


We match people with businesses. We get to watch their eyes light up with excitement when they realize that they have landed the perfect job.


Our services include HR and back office support.

  • HR focus –  recruiting and staffing, HR operations, structured HR solutions and governance.
  • Back office support – payrolling, benefits, bookkeeping (A/P and A/R) and transactional  management


A Proven Track Record

Our experience speaks for itself. The following are just a few testimonials from previous clients.

When it comes to the oilfield, there is no one within a recruiting management role that knows it better.

Doug Douglas, Recruitment Optimization Expert

Their structured approach towards recruitment coaching helped me gain the knowledge and confidence needed in pursuing job opportunities.

Justin H., Network Administrator

Fantastic service – Edge really goes out of their way to accommodate your schedule and needs, and is incredibly transparent and helpful. I would highly recommend them to any candidate or client.

Natalie Crawford, HR Recruitment Specialist

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